Honeymoon in St. Lucia!

26 Sep

Ciao everyone!

It is hard to believe the wedding and honeymoon have come and gone! They were both absolutely amazing – we couldn’t have asked for anything more! To re-live our experience as well as to show you all the fun we had, here are a few pictures and details from each day of our St. Lucian honeymoon (written by both of us!). Try not to get too jealous. ūüôā

Welcome to Miami: The Honeymoon before the Honeymoon

Starting the trip off right with our layover at JFK, Huevos Rancheros and Mimosas ($13 dollars a piece, NY, NY for ya!)

Stephen hooked us up with an awesome room at the W hotel in Miami. ¬†They let us check in early and and then upgraded us to a suit on the 18th floor with an amazing view of South Beach! ¬†It was the perfect way to start off our trip ¬†– “kicking it” at an awesome to hotel to after some long flights and crazy few days.

Matt’s favorite part of the hotel. ¬†“The 3 spout shower, gets all the good spots!”

Some cool artwork and a shot of our suite.

Saint Lucia Day 1:  Arriving  

Is that a piton??

After we got off the plane in sunny St. Lucia, waited in line with 100 other newlyweds (a few who were wearing “bride” and “groom” t-shirts, hats, veils, hoodies….seriously, we get it, you just got married. I kept telling Matt what a good wife I was, simply because I didn’t make him wear something like that!) ¬†Once we went outside, a man named Bernard was holding up a “Mr & Mrs. Izzo” sign – really cool to see that for the first time! He took us on a nice, slowwwww ride to the Jalousie Plantation, telling us all about St. Lucia and pulling over every time there was a good view point. When we finally pulled up to the Jalousie Plantation, our soon-to-be-butler, Jenny, met us at the bottom of the hill that led to our villa – no reception or check in! Jenny was waiting for us with two great big Rum Runners and lavender towels – woo too honeymoon! ¬†She gave us our drinks through the window of the cab, then hopped in the front and directed Bernard to our villa.

And it only got better – our villa was ridiculous! We got upgraded (newlywed luck) to a villa that could hold a family of four. We had an awesome infinity pool with an amazing view of the water and Pitons. Plus, they gave us champagne, a bottle of the local rum and some banana chips with some sort of spicy, delicious dip to snack on as we ran around the villa like little kids!

A view from our room as the sun goes down.

Our bedroom. ¬†They made a cool “Congratulations” ¬†sign for us made out of flowers and stems. ¬†Every morning we were there, they left new batches of fresh flowers around the room.¬†

Day 2: Exploring the Jalousie and the Rainforest Spa 

The next day we woke up to beautiful sunshine and sounds of the rainforest! After we realized we weren’t dreaming anymore, we called Jenny and she sent us a shuttle to the Bayside, the restaurant on the beach, for breakfast. Above is our ¬†view from our breakfast table! Breakfast was by far our favorite meal of the day. ¬†We would get amazing omelettes with anything we felt like, split some sort of pancakes (by the end we had banana, blueberry, and chocolate chip) and drink delicious smoothies, iced coffees (honestly the best cuppa iced coffee we have ever tasted) and cocoa tea, made with fresh cocoa from the island. Needless to say, we are still burning off these calories!

Checking out the beach and the local Piton beer – Matt’s favorite during our visit (not too hoppy, not too bitter, smooth finish).

The Jalousie is all about relaxation and not really doing anything for yourself (Matt says, “kinda like Stephen around the house”). ¬†When we arrived we were given a “Firefly” two-way caller. ¬†It directly connects with your butler so you can call anywhere on the island – ¬†Whatever you need, 24hrs a day, someone will answer. ¬†However – we really only used this for calling shuttles (it was crazy hilly there ¬†– you literally could not walk up to your room, only down…trust me, we tried). ¬†They also would put red flags out by each beach chair so you did not have to get up to get your own drink/food. ¬†Just raise the flag and the little Saint Lucian man would come arunning….

Fireflies and red flags…a girl could get used to this kind of service!


After a few drinks we hit the Rainforest Spa!. Matt had never had a massage before, and I only had one before, so we were really excited. ¬†This place was ridiculous! ¬†The entryway alone was enough to make us feel relaxed…it was a long hut-like pathway, lined with bamboo baskets with candles. Once we got to the spa, they led us to separate rooms to put on our robes. ¬†Since we had just come from the beach, we got to use the outdoor showers – Matt’s dream. ¬†From there, we walked through the rainforest to another hut, which was the massage room. After we entered the room, the massuses opened two big doors to the private, natural hot tub! ¬†It had a waterfall that you could hear trickiling through the whole massage. ¬†By the end we both felt more relaxed then we ever had our whole life!

After our hour-long massage, we got to hop in the hot tub and hang out in the middle of the rainforest. It was such a unique, beautiful experience! 

Once we left the spa, we walked around the resort and then headed back to the room to hang out, swim in our pool and get ready for dinner. For dinner, we went to the Great Room, which overlooked the entire resort. And also had the BEST gnocchi on the planet! One bite of that and I threw out any sort of calorie restrictions for the week…that’s what honeymoons are all about, right?

Day 3:  Rainforest Walk, Snorkeling with Ron, and Soufriere (Su-fray) Tour

(by Matthew)

The Jalousie had a little Rainforest walk right on the resort, near the Rainforest Spa.  It was a pretty cool 15 minute walk, with bridges and stairs up and down and through the rainforest area.

When we got back from the walk, we headed down to the beach. ¬†There were 3 or 4 water taxi guys down there at all times looking to take you places. It was a much cheaper to go on a trip with them rather than booking it through the hotel. ¬†Here are a few shots from our snorkeling excursion that our boy Ron took us on, he also took some good couples pictures for us. ¬†Anne Marie had a minor panic attack (her brothers made her watch “Jaws” when she was little) but once she got in and saw the fish her face lit up like a kid at Disney world.

Soufriere was just around the corner from us and was the closest local town. ¬†When we arrived we were scheduled for a 1 on 1 unwanted tour with our friend Paul – an ugly looking man with cotton balls in his ears and yellow eyes, needless to say we didn’t get to ask too many questions. (He was very nice though, and liked to call me “MATT-EE!”) The town was very poor and most of the stuff was wrecked from the hurricane they had in 2008. ¬†To be honest there were times we felt down right unsafe and thought we be stabbed, but we pushed through. ¬†Paul had us smell lemon, lime, orange, mango, and grapefruit leaves and try to guess what they were. In the end it was definitely cool to get a tour and see how “Y’all Saint Lucians live”. ¬†We ended the tour at an awesome little restaurant with our favorite beers and some good food.

Paul the tour guide.

“Smell the leaves Matty! What is it Matty? What is it!?”

Cool restaurant on the water and we got to watch the school kids walk home from school.

Our first dinner at the Great Room restaurant, 1 of 2 places to choose to eat dinner at. ¬†The food was aaaaamazing. Sunset wasn’t bad either. ūüôā

Day 4:  Rain, Rain, Rain and a good time to relax

(by AM)

So after 2 days of perfect we woke up to an all day on and off island rain. ¬†We were not upset at all and figured it would be a good time to enjoy our Villa and catch up with some email and news from the good ol’ states. ¬†We were also not upset because the bar on the beach was still open! I got a strawberry daiquiri (or two) in ode to my Mama Ro!

Friday night at The Jalousie is cookout night, so although it was raining, they still put out a nice little feast for us. They also had a cool band, with a lead singer that may or may not have been trying to catch his big break from a rich guest at the resort! Matt surprised me after dinner by grabbing my hand and pulling me out on the “dance floor!” (The rainy-day Pitons may have helped motivate him.) After the three plates of ribs, jerk chicken wings and cheesy cauliflower casserole, we tore up that Bayside cookout, IZZO STYLE. ūüôā

Day 5: Botanical Gardens, Sulfur Seduction and beers in the rainforest

We woke up Saturday morning to slivers of sunshine trickling through heavy clouds. We got our hopes up for a sunny day – however once we got out of the gym in the morning (we tried to balance out the endless chocolate chip pancakes), the sun was nowhere to one found. However, not to be discouraged, we still put out suits on and headed to the beach.

While we were hanging out and drinking a couple of Pitons, we overheard these English couples next to us arranging a trip to the drive-in volcano and botanical gardens of Soufriere with one of the many water-taxi hustlers combing the beach. We decided that it was the perfect day for such an adventure, so we tagged along with the ‘blokes and had a bloody (er, muddy) good time!

We took a water taxi w/Solomon, our tour guide, to Soufriere, then hopped out and took a big van to the drive-in volcano.

We could sense we were getting close to the mouth of the volcano because of the rotten egg smell! Because of all of the sulfur in the water, the air absolutely reeks. Makes for a very romantic honeymoon experience. ūüôā

After walked around the perimeter of the steaming, bubbling volcano (don’t worry Ma, it was safe. Our tour guide said that you can tell if a volcano is going to erupt if all of the animals leave the area, the smell would be even more unbearable and all tour guides would start running.) it was time to head to the sulfur springs bath!

We had to soak in the warm, muddy water for a bit before we smeared volcano mud all over ourselves! (Note our British friends in the back.)

AFter we soaked, it was mud time:

Te whole gang! As you can see, the mud wasn’t the only thing that was entertaining. ūüôā

After the mud dries on your skin (about 10 minutes) you go back into the spring water to wash off. The wah-lah! Your skin is smooth as a baby’s bottom, and you instantly look ten years younger.

See, don’t we look like we’re 15 again?

After our sulfur seduction experience, we hopped back in the van (after using an outdoor shower…our skin was smooth but boy did it smell like a stink bomb!) and went to the rainforest botanical gardens.

The flowers and plants were unbelievable, and they had just about every type of tropical fruit (mango, avocado, calabash, banana, plantains, pineapple, dragon fruit) spices (who knew nutmeg came from a tree?) nuts (cashews, almonds) plus lots and lots of cocoa beans! We both were getting pretty hungry the further we walked).

Therefore, you can imagine our happiness when the pleasant surprise of rain (in a rainforest…who knew?) allowed us to sneak into a snack bar (also in the middle of the rainforest…kinda weird) ad grab some mixed nuts and a couple of Pitons!

After we refueled, we walked to the “Botanical Waterfall” in the middle of the gardens/rainforest. It was gorgeous! However, unlike the volcano water, tourists could not help themselves to a little dip. We were a bit disappointed…if we had a few more Pitons in us, I am sure we would have ran for it!

We waked around the gardens a bit more, then hopped back in the van with Solomon and headed back to the Jalousie.

All cleaned up and ready for dinner! We hung out at the Cane Bar for awhile ad watched the sunset, which was absolutely breathtaking!

Day 5: The Beach, the Pool and the Soloman’s Midnight Express Adventure

Okay so the first two things in this sequence are a given…especially because the sun decided to come out, full-time on Sunday! Since we spent two days without it, we were so happy to get down to the beach and say hello to our old friend.

While on the beach, we were also met by another man….the toothless jelly coconut man. “Helllooooo white people, have a jelly co-co-nut, everyyyyybody like jelly co-co-nut!” This is what we heard every day…and after he was done promoting the jelly co-co-nuts, he would start on the mangos. “Tropical man-go, everybody like real good man-go!”

So on the fifth day of watching this little man pimp out tropical fruit, Matt gave in and gave the man the $5 for a jelly co-co-nut. And with the $5 came a picture with this man…who not only yields a ten-inch sword but also makes you look like a ten-foot giant!

Once we tried the jelly coconut, we realized why the little man had to be so pushy…they were awful! However, they did bode well for photos.

After we soaked up some sun, we decided we were up for another sea adventure (must have been something in that jelly coconut). So, we embarked on an adventure up north to Rodney Bay with our fellow honeymoon friends, Joe and Gillian,and¬†our veteran water taxi driver Solomon & his boat, ¬†the “JUSTICE”

Little did we know what we were getting into…

For starters, what was supposed to be a 30-minute boat ride ended up being an hour and a half! Which was fine on the way up there…sun was shining, water was calm, Justice was running well and we had a fresh six-pack of Pitons! (Which were opened by Solomon’s friend….via his teeth! Check out our honeymoon video on YouTube for proof.)

On the way to Rodney Bay, we ended up stopping in the harbors of Marigot and Castries (the capital of St. Lucia). It was cool to see the city-life of St. Lucia in Castries, since our lives at the Jalousie were a bit sheltered in between the Pitons.

A view of Castries and the passionate message on the U.S.S. JUSTICE. Solomon also had a “Uzi” tattoo on his right arm. Totally trustworthy.

Once we got to Rodney Bay, all of us were absolutely starving. So, we headed to a local restaurant in the harbor. But with one look at the menu, the food wasn’t the main star of the show – the drinks (and there subsequent names) were! I could not help myself…I had to get the “Sex in the Bush” drink!

I am glad I ordered such an amusing drink, because my turkey sandwich was not one for the record books.

After we ate/drank, we hopped in a taxi for a ride to an outdoor market/shopping center to grab some souvenirs.

However….once we got to the center, we were notified that it closed early bc it was Sunday! We still walked around and window-shopped a bit. THEN, the stars aligned and we found….


I could have stayed outside that little shop the rest of the evening…the gelato was actually pretty authentic!

We also found another one of my favorite things…a giant grocery store. We don’t have any pictures of this because we were sternly warned by the security guard that this was not allowed! I assure you that the experience was fabulous…complete with king-sized bags of Teddy Grahams, cocoa sticks, champagne and Barry Manilow. (His “Greatest Hits” album was the store’s soundtrack. I was elated!)

After our adventure-filled day, it was time to re-board the Justice for our personalized Sunset Cruise.

We popped the bubbly and watched the massive bright ball in the sky disappear into the Caribbean Sea! The scene was truly magical…until we realized that once the sun went down, we were alone in the middle of the sea in a rickety Rastafari boat with a guy who opened beers with his teeth. And this was before the massive waves started rolling in!

Instead of recalling the hour-long National Geographic adventure, we’ll sum it up in a few words:

It was pitch dark.

Our boat light consisted of the human bottle opener clenching an opened cell phone in his teeth.

“When the sun goes down the sea gets really rough, almost impossible to drive in.” -Solomon.

AM may or may not have said at least 4 whole Rosaries.

We don’t have pictures to show you of this epic struggle on the Justice, bc neither one of us dared to shirt the boat in fear of going overboard. It is best that this experience stays buried beneath the 72 Piton beers we had once we got back to our Jalousie homeland. Hey, we had to celebrate still being alive! Cheers to never going on the Justice ever again!

Day 6: In ode to the beach, the pool and free sorbet!

On our last full day, we decided to play it safe and slip back into total relaxation. And we were rewarded for it with “complimentary” strawberry and mango sorbet! We were just laying on the beach when a Jalousie server walked up to us with a tray of icy goodness. (In really cool cups. Those went into my backpack before the lady was halfway down the beach!)

We alternated the beach and the pool…

Then we actually decided to eat lunch! (After surviving on lunches of granola bars, Chex Mix and animal crackers…we preferred to spend our non-meal plan dollars on drinks!)

Which was a really good decision.

After we ate, we went snorkeling again, but this time in the waters around the Jalousie. We didn’t have an underwater camera, so we can’t show you any pictures of this adventure either, but there were some pretty cool looking fish down there! Our favorite were the yellow and black striped ones.

We worked up quite an appetite, so we went back to our villa, swam some more in our Infinity Pool, then changed and went down to the Bayside. We had some drinks on the beach and then headed to dinner.

Since it was our last dinner, we each ordered appetizers, entrees AND a big side of rigatoni! Needless to say, it was the only night we didn’t order dessert. In fact, we ended up being so unbelievably full that we couldn’t even walk the beach after dinner…we wound up going back to the room, laying in bed and discussing how we have to get a four-poster bed so we could re-create the Jalousie design. Marriage is so exciting!

Day 7: Saying goodbye to the Jalousie

On Tuesday, we had until noon before we had to be on our way to the airport. So we ordered just about everything on the breakfast menu (really taking advantage of the fact that we didn’t have to fit into a wedding dress/tux anymore!) and went back to the beach and pool. Then we toured the resort one last time, taking advantage of the few last photo ops.

This is the Great Room restaurant and Cane Bar. We spent many a nights up there, eating amazing food and drinking Pitons!
Outside of the main lobby. I loved these tree lanterns!
Goodbye Jalousie! ūüė¶
We called Bernard, the same taxi driver who dropped us off just a few days prior, to come and pick us up. He blasted the reggae while we drank our last Pitons in the back seat!
Two plane rides and a short stop in Miami later, we were back in our apartment in Alexandria – greeted by a great surprising sign!
We laughed, dropped our bags and headed straight to bed. Although we could’t stop talking about what an AMAZING wedding ¬†& honeymoon we had. In fact, we STILL cannot stop talking about them. We want to thank our family & friends a million times over for making this the most special time of our lives! We love you all so much, and hope you enjoyed the wedding and our honeymoon (via pictures and stories) as much as we did. ūüôā
Now, where is that Firefly? I need to call for a shuttle to BED.

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  1. Kyra October 2, 2011 at 10:27 pm #

    Great documentary of your honeymoon! You’ll be so happy that you wrote everything down so you can relive it for many, many years! Looks like a beautiful place and a beautiful time.

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