Confessions of a M.I.A. Blogger…

19 Apr

I know, I know. It’s been months. Five months, to be exact. For those seven to ten dedicated readers, (may be stretching it there) I do apologize. I didn’t mean to abandon you – in fact, you were on my mind all the time. I planned to write, thought up blog posts in my head, created some really great food to share and even had a few witty headlines ready to go. But somehow, the days passed and the world turned and I inevitably put my blog on an indefinite hold.

But I am happy to announce that today folks, today marks my return back to the blog-iverse! However, instead of just picking up where I left off like nothing has happened, I’d like to revisit all the things I’ve been doing while not blogging. (I swear I haven’t just been sitting here the entire five months.) So here is a short list of distractions. Drumroll please….

1) Working!

Leaving for my 1st day of work!

As many of you know, I got a job with my long-lusted after company, Destination DC. I drooled over their website and job listings months before I moved down, so you can imagine my excitement when they offered me a job! The company is wonderful, the city is amazing and I have found that I laugh really hard at work every single day (which seriously, I don’t know how I get s lucky – two jobs in a row filled with awesome people! Shout out to SBU Admissions Team!) However, even though I love my newfound DDC family, the job proved quite crazy at times, and for the better half of the six months I have been there I have come home utterly exhausted and/or bat crazy. Luckily, I finally feel like I have both feet on the ground in my position, leaving me eager and energized to take on whatever awaits me.

Which is really great, because I don’t know, I’m kinda also sortaaaa –


No, the ring is not on my right finger....this is a mirror shot! Haha although I wouldnt put it past me...

Holy crap, that reminds me….5 1/2 months to go! We have a church, reception, DJ, photographer, videographer (pending), florist and a Frank Sinatra-like singer (one of my favorite details) and hopefully many other details that are escaping me at the moment. Oh, and I found my dress! For FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS (originally $1,700. What whattt)! Now I just need to find bridesmaids and flower girl dresses (Anyone who has spare time and wants to research navy blue cocktail-length dresses, please step forward. I will pay you in granola) and hammer put a bunch of little details. My showers are planned, food tasting is set and our honeymoon is thisclose to being finalized. More details on that as they come along, I promise!

Throughout the better part of the planning, I have discovered an outlet for all the stress and anxiety:


To relieve all the work/wedding stress as well as being my mind as well as my body to a place of health and fitness, I signed up for the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler with Matt. I tagged along to the Army Ten Miler with Matt & Mr. Izzo in October, and seeing all of those people together, being a part of something bigger than themselves and both mentally and physically fit to take on that challenge was very inspiring. As much as I was thrilled about the tents of free healthy snacks that I would have all to myself for a good hour or two, when that race began, I knew I should have been out there. I actually wanted be out there, facing every single one of those miles.

So needless to say, after that race Matt became my running guru, training me for the Cherry Blossom run. Every weekend I surprised myself, and Matt – from running two miles, absolutely breathless, to running 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 miles with more and more energy and passion. I couldn’t believe the athlete that was hidden inside of me! While I have always loved to walk, eat healthy and work out moderately, running was something that I was always too scared/lazy to throw myself into. I knew I had it in my, yet I never thought it was worth the discomfort. Therefore, with each mile we ran, I learned a lot about myself, my mental toughness and how much I actually enjoyed running. (I also learned many times I can complain to Matt before he gets mad!) When the race day came, I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I should be, because I knew I was ready.  Plus I had this really great headband…

We had trained hard, and that no matter what, I had proven to myself that I could do this already. Plus, I was excited to do it! I was seriously like a little kid the night before, running around the apartment like I was getting ready for my first day of school. (Yes, I even laid my running outfit out.) We got down to the National Mall early enough to witness a gorgeous sunrise over the Capitol! It was freezing cold, so the race couldn’t have started any sooner.

Once we crossed the start line, I felt unstoppable! Plus, I make these “marathon chunks” that I adapted from (neverhome)maker, which I have continuously credited for my ridiculous energy. The miles passed faster than I dreamed possible, and Matt ran with me the whole time, which not only made the run easier but a whole lot more fun! (However, HE actually had a bit of complaints! When he said something hurt, I just put my head down and pointed to my headband. SHUT UP AND RUN, BABY!) I finished the race w/ a net time of 1:30:53, average pace of 9:06 minute miles. I placed 806 out of 2694 women in my age group. Not too shabby!

The only thing disappointing about the run was the free snacks after. I was prepared to leave with nothing less than 10 miles under my belt and about 15-20 free Kashi bars. Instead, I had to succumb to just bananas and muffins. Which I still managed to take a fair amount. (Matt wanted to kill me…I kept dropping bananas throughout the Metro.)

So now that I’ve semi-conquered work, the wedding and running, I want to re-tackle this blog. I also want to re-focus it as well, since I obviously have a lot of things to share besides recipes! I’m working on a new blog title, to try to encompass all facets of my life, however nothing genius has popped into my head yet. So let me know any thoughts.

Maybe “SHUT UP AND BLOG?”  🙂


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