Apple Picking (And Caramel Apple Crunch Dip) Tiiiimmmee

6 Oct

I need to begin this post with a little happy dance.


I have been waiting to go since the beginning of September, and was extremely worried that we wouldn’t find a good farm around here, or a least one that compared to my beloved Becker Farms. (Also happens to be our wedding reception site! Well, the vineyard, not the apple orchard. Although I would totally not be against that, seriously.)

After some massive apple farm research, I discovered that there are many farms within an hour radius from us, either in Northern Virginia or Maryland. Which led to the stress of choosing the right farm! Ahh, more research…

I wound up picking Homestead Farms in Poolesville, MD because of great reviews, great pictures and, for Matt’s sake, the fact that they don’t allow pets on the farm. (Those of you that know him will appreciate that fact.)

The farm was great, and the drive up there was gor-ge-ous. The houses that lined the road we drove down were MASSIVE, and are now on my list of neighborhoods we must drive through during the holidays. I have a feeling that each one will have to exceed “twenty-five thousanddd twinkle lights,” easy!

We picked sun crisp, sun fuji, golden delicious and however many empire apples I could reach! Our basket was almost to the brim within the first 20 minutes, and we had yet to hit the other 15 rows of apple city. Good thing that at that point, we still had a wheel barrel.

Reaching for the good ones!

Matt kept himself entertained.

Yes, someone stole our wheel barrel.

While Matt and I were wandering up, down and across lines of golden and red delicious, our shirts filled with apples, someone must have felt that we totally did not need to wheel our 25-pound basket of apples back to the farmhouse.  So thoughtful of them to not let us know – instead we walked up and down each row (our shirts still filled with apples, mind you….really bad day to wear a shirt you did not want to stretch out!) and asked all seemingly-innocent apple pickers if they’d seen our three-wheeled friend. All plead not guilty, and we were left to decided whether we should just buy what we had with us or go back out and re-do all of our apple-picking work. I obviously was ready (and almost a bit too excited) to have to go back out in the fields again. Matt on the other hand….not so much. Just as we were about to abort our mission, we noticed a lonely basket of apples sitting right where we thought we left our wheel barrel. Upon further inspection, we noticed that the type of apples were layered in the order that we picked them, and my hard-earned empire apples (I climbed trees for those babies) were happily seated on top of the pile.

This was our basket!

To make sure we weren’t stealing some little kid’s apples, we continued to walk around the scene of the incident, asking everyone we saw if this was their basket and/or if they’d seen anyone by it. Nobody claimed it, and everyone said that it had just been sitting there for about 20 minutes. So, by default, it was totally ours. We picked it up, lugged it back, forked over a 34 bucks and walked away with 22 pounds of apples. (Matt had to count them all when we got home…57 total, not counting the ones we ate on during picking/the way home!)

Our friends Brett and Corri came to visit that night, and since I didn’t have a lot of time, I wanted to make apple crisp and apple caramel crunch dip. But then I discovered that I forgot to buy vanilla ice cream, and honestly to have warm apple crisp without vanilla ice cream melting over it just seemed plain ridiculous. So, I just went with the dip, which is simple, easy to make and the perfect compliment to fresh-picked apples of all varieties!


  • 1 eight-ounce box light cream cheese, softened
  • 1 container light Marzetti caramel dip
  • 3/4 cup Heath bar pieces (Skor pieces are also great with this)
  • 4 large apples, plus more on hand for refills!


In a pie dish, spread cream cheese evenly along bottom of dish.

Pour the caramel dip over the cream cheese, spread evenly.

Sprinkle Heath/Skor pieces all over the top.

Cut apples into slices (about 8 slices each) and fan along the outside of the dish. This makes for a really great presentation!

*Make sure you have more apples, because I promise you that you will be re-fanning and re-fanning until the entire dip is devoured! If you’re cutting the apples in advance, say, to take to a party, make sure to toss them in a bit of lemon juice to stop them from browning. I also imagine that this dip would also taste great with pretzels, animal crackers, graham crackers, saltines….anything sweet or salty! Oh my gosh, I think I may need to make another batch of this stuff tonight – I mean, I do still have about 45 apples, ready to be cut and dipped!


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